Energon a.s. company has been founded in April 1997 and put into Companies Register on the 2nd of July of the same year. Since the beginning, the company has been especially focusing on technological, ecological, business, organizational and economical consultancy and monitoring plus analytical activities in power engineering.

In 1998, the company enlarged its activities into Balkan area and opened its sales representation in Bulgarian capital Sofia. Since the beginning, also here the company has been offering consulting and analytical support in the area of power engineering; these activities have been extended to business issues in 2000.

In respect to the territorial differentiation and from the reason of improving its efficiency, in 2001 the company established a daughter plant energon AD klon in Bulgarian capital Sofia. Subsequently, between 2001 and 2003, the company was fully re-organized with the aim to create a stable company providing its customers with a quality background to develop - by means of business, dealing and consulting subjects - their activities in the range of South-Eastern Europe.
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