Business consultancy

In the business consultancy area our company offers especially:

  • Analysis of Czech and Bulgarian markets including elaboration of marketing studies
  • Searching for business partners in both the Czech and Bulgarian Republics
  • Planning and organization of business meetings, presentations and seminars
  • Consultancy in legislation
  • "Key" creation of the company
  • Contact point for the communication in foreign languages

Market analysis and elaboration of marketing studies

  • data collection
  • competitors and distribution possibilities analysis
  • search for business and investment opportunities
  • sector studies
  • company legislation
  • marketing strategies preparation
  • search for business partners

We offer the market analysis not only in the form of smaller, closely oriented projects realized within 3 - 4 weeks, but also as extensive and detailed studies of complete market segments requiring up to several months and resulting into detailed final reports.

Bussines partners search and selection

  • identification of potential business partners and subsequent selection according to defined criteria
  • contacting of selected companies
  • evaluation of their suitability in light of cooperation potential and their concern
  • elaboration of final report containing a brief overview of fields, list of contacted companies including contact information and their brief profiles, optionally supplemented with original presentation materials

Business meetings and trips

  • contacting of selected companies (the selection is possible by using service Searching for partners)
  • introduction of your company
  • organizing of a personal meetings / visit
  • arrangement of a transport and accommodation according to the client requirements
  • arrangement of a guides / interpreters throughout your meetings / visits
  • organization of business meetings, missions, conferences, seminars etc.

Legislation consultancy

  • search for any act / direction / public notice (both in original and translated)
  • elaboration of retrieval from legislation about desired topic (both in original and translated)
  • legal consultancy / representation in Bulgaria
  • accounting and tax consultancy

Creation of a company

  • headquarters search
  • company`s registration in Bulgaria
  • arrangement of all the required subsequent registrations
  • training of your staff in the fundamentals of Bulgarian company administration
  • searching for a suitable accounting company

Contacting point for foreign language communication

  • fully equipped office rear for your meetings during your visit in Sofia
  • contacting point for a first acquainting with your company as well as the communication in Bulgarian language at the time of you non-presence in Bulgaria (i.e. before the foundation of your own company)
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